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    Global launch allows Skype use within browser

    [​IMG] users across the world will be able to use Skype from within their browser, Microsoft has revealed. Previously tested with a small number of users in the US and UK, the service allows all users of the e-mail service to make video calls, audio calls, and send messages to other Skype users, all from within the inbox.

    Users are required to download and install a plugin before being able to use the extra functionality, wit the Skype blog revealing the latest version for Mac includes support for Safari. PCs will also benefit from HD video calling support, when both users have compatible HD displays, webcams, clients, and a sufficient Internet connection. The same update also incorporates a bug fix from testing, where users found the desktop client of Skype continued to ring after the call had been accepted in

    Aside from Safari, the plug-in will also work with Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox on Windows. Once the plug-in is installed, users will be able to use Skype via the messaging icon at the upper-right of the page.

    Source: Electronista

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