Microsoft's Announces the Groundbreaking New "Surface" Windows Tablet

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    Microsoft just held their Mystery event, which was only revealed late last week to journalists (and in fact they were only given the location early this morning). They just unveiled a brand new product and it is the Microsoft "Surface" which is a new Microsoft branded Windows 8 tablet. Here's a full spec list:
    • 9.3mm Thin
    • Edges beveled at 22 degrees
    • Full USB 2.0
    • VaporMG (specialty designed - made with a unique process where the metal is molten) magnesium case
    • 1.5 lbs (675 grams)
    • Wide-Screen 10.6-Inch Display (likely 16:9)
    • Built-in Stand & Cover with a full multi-touch keyboard - Touch cover has an accelerometer built in, so it knows when its folded back and it will deactivate the keyboard.
    • Corning Gorilla Glass 2
    • "Comes with Office"
    • Version for Windows 8 Pro with Core i5 Ivy Bridge processor and W8 Surface
    • Version for Windows RT and NVIDIA ARM Processor
    • Surface has two digitizers, one for touch, one for digital ink
    • Stylus
    • 600 dpi Display
    • Multiple Versions with Multiple Price Points and some include Student edition of Microsoft Office Installed
    • Multiple colors for the covers
    • Displayport supported - Five times faster than USB 2
    This is very similar to the Asus Transformer Prime yet all built-in, and much thinner. They are calling it "The Surface" because they want it to help Windows 8 Rise to the surface.

    It looks like Microsoft is taking things to a whole new level with tablets!

    Source: CNET Live Blog
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    "Comes with Office"

    Which Office, I wonder? Cloudy 365 or a local variety?
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    Most likely the cloud with a generic free subscription for a year or something. Just below it there is mention of the other forms of Office.

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