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Discussion in 'Off Topic Area' started by EricG, Jul 10, 2015.

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    I am seriously just disgusted with Microsoft now. I recognize I am probably not a typical user but I am (could change to was) a loyal user. I have a surface pro 2 that I bought when it first came out and have been using it for almost 2 years now and love it. I work in the healthcare industry, have 3 different office locations and I love having just a monitor at each office location. I plug my surface into the monitor using HDMI, take my wireless type cover adapter (which is discontinued) and connect it to my type cover so that I just have a monitor, surface mouse, and my keyboard on the desk. My surface sits nicely below the desk. I was excited for continuum so that I could try using my phone as my computer. Hopefully the wireless adapter for type cover works with the phone if that even happens now. I also am one of the few people that like using windows media center that apparently is getting axed as well. Finally, they are getting rid of the health and fitness app, which of course I started using and started liking for the past 4 months. I have lost 20 pounds by keeping track of my steps and food intake. That will be gone as well. 4 months ago I was extremely excited for the direction Microsoft was heading but it seems that they just took an about face and it really sucks. I am just disgusted right now with the direction they seem to be heading. Sorry for venting. I think I am so pissed because I really don't like apple (even though they seem to be way more put together than Microsoft, from an appearance level at least) and I wanted Microsoft to step up and be my go to brand but they are getting rid of the things I like and use everyday.

    Thanks for listening,
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    Congrats, @EricG, for losing weight. That takes lots of dedication. Keep it up, if your goal is beyond even that. You are an inspiration to others.

    Welcome to the forum, also.

    I lost 80 pounds in 5 months, 6 years ago. Haven't gained a pound of it back. How about getting mad enough at Microsoft that you burn even more calories. :)

    Don't give up! Regarding Microsoft, the Health and Fitness app is being merged into a Microsoft Health dashboard, the goal being it will allow you to use Garmin or FitBit or the Microsoft Watch, or other wearables to track your steps and food intake, in addition to logging these statistics yourself.

    I liked Windows Media Center, also. Now I use iTunes on the PC. I like iTunes better, though I didn't expect to.

    You certainly have found Microsoft to meet your needs - and I think that will continue, after some uncomfortable changes going on. I like Apple, myself, along with Microsoft. I like that computer companies are competing for my money. Yours, too.

    This forum is the place for this discussion / venting in a noble way, so there is no reason to feel badly. Others will likely also have some comments to the thread you have started.
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    That's got to be one of the classiest replies I've seen on a forum anywhere.
    I agree completely with all your remarks, even though I'm not a user of H&F or WMC.

    Welcome, Eric! I think your use of the Surface at multiple locations with varied peripherals should be a flagship use case for the Surface line, as in my view MS has gotten closer to an ideal flexibility with current tech than anyone else, but sometimes getting so close brings tears:
    • Wireless Type Cover Adapter
      I only started with the SP3, and this was already discontinued.
      Apart from Eric's scenario, the other setup where I repeatedly want to remove my Type cover is when using a second screen side by side. I have a decent 15" Displaylink monitor that can work well on a client site or anywhere, and the SP3+15" monitor is still very light and compact to travel with.
      When you've got to keep the type cover docked, it just feels wrong. A separate keyboard for the purpose of putting it in the middle starts to defeat the purpose of travelling light.
      I would love a Wireless adapter that could somehow keep the 'snapped up' and as when attached to the SP3

    • The Dock
      So close, so close.
      I know you've got the SP2, but my opinions probably span the two.
      I've used Compaq, Lenovo and HP notebook docks in corporateland and my own business. Just by letting you park the device on a desk with the keyboard out of the way, I think MS have the most physically practical dock on the market by several parsecs. I don't think I could stomach an old-style dock ever again.
      Now if they could make it connect and power on/off reliably, not bork the scaling on attachment, and do something about the angled MiniDisplayPort socket (which will only fits well when using a custom plug that they don't make in a version you can use to connect in the recommended native manner to MST monitors).
      Other people have other issues, but mine boils down to "I want to be able to park my SP3 in the dock and use it. Every time. Without rebooting.". And seriously, make it cheaper. See, like you I hate that it could be perfect for me, but isn't.

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