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Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface Pro 2' started by Archimonde, Mar 21, 2016.

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    Hey folks, I'm a new to the forum SP2 owner based in Trinidad. The SP2 is my first and only tablet and I have been happy with it while it was working but for sometime now I have had problems with power cords. So far the DC cord on both the original and replacement (I bought one off of Amazon). I have stalled on replacing it again for months because we have pretty hefty import taxes on computer-related items so I don't want to purchase another one and have it fail in a few months. Also, I see now that there has been a recall on Surface Pro power cords, so now not only can it break in a couple months it can burn down my house.

    I need to find out if there is a reliable replacement cord for the SP2 that I can purchase.

    Thanks for any assistance.

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