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    Hello I am an electronics engineering student from a small European country with one of the highest tax rates in the union, as such you might notice me fuming with jealousy. This is nothing personal, but rather a bitterness stemming from the outrageous tech prices, and lack of availability in my little country.

    I intend to purchase a Surface Pro 2, and have done some intensive online research on the machine. In spite of various breakdowns, and firmware shenanigans, I still think in my humble opinion, that the Surface Pro 2 is a marvel of engineering within consumer electronics, and a great step toward a star trek like tech future.
    But to commit to such a large investment, I want to be absolutely sure what the SP2 is and can do.

    So that is why I am here, between inept reviewers, regardless of Apple or Microsoft bias and clueless retail employees, including Microsoft own online store. I have finally come here to ask questions of my fellow consumers, in hopes of getting my choice as close to right as possible. As a forum-lurker, I have already read some threads here and elsewhere, so I hope I can dodge the most common noob mistake of rehashing old threads, but there are no guarantees.

    As for my wish to purchase the SP2 or similar device, I admit that I have been waiting for something like this ever since the first tablets started to appear, so I also aware that the SP2 will most likely not fit with the idealized device of my fantasy, but it is the closest thing in the market.

    I intend to use it as a laptop replacement for study, work and play. I need fast code compiling, ability to run simulation software sometimes simultaneously like Matlab/simulink/pscad/pspice/ETAP/visio, a digitizer to draw schematics.
    I am also a notorious multi-tasker and usually have several browser tabs, pdfs and programs running, hopefully a habit I won't have to curtail to much.

    As for play I'd be glad if I can get a little gaming done on it, I also love to tinker with remote capabilities of devices either through WIFI or over the air. Especially since I have an extensive media library on a private NAS server.

    I have owned or worked on Windows since screwing around on my parents windows 98 tower. Hate vista, love XP and win7 am a complete virgin with win8.
    I use to be a Google/android fan, but recent changes at Google have made me slowly detach myself from their ecosystem, which is not easy given their top position on many areas. As such I have owned 3 android devices, and think that the Nexus 4 is a very practical device, with equal parts fun.
    I have also a have a linux distro with Backtrack 5 for... reasons.

    I am perhaps unfairly biased against Apple's products, and don't ever see myself giving a single cent to that company ever again, that however does not mean that I am blind to their software advances and how they control many markets, especially in my small country. Their successes are more about marketing and design psychology than actual innovation.

    Well that is it for relevant information about me and why I am here.
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    Hello and welcome aboard! Good luck on your additional research and feedback!
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    A belated welcome. Trust you are satisfied with your choice.
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    The SP2 can do what you have listed as your primary tasks. However, you may wish to consider the SP3 given that you will end up paying higher due to your local tax regime. I say the SP3 because it has a larger screen and a slightly more optimized keyboard/ Type Cover. Of course, it could be the case that given the recent release of the SP3, the prices of the SP2 may come down. Also, you may want to explore the possibility of using the student discount that MS offers on purchases in their store and online. You definitely should check it out. Good luck!

    Edit: For a descriptive account of the SP3, look here:
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