Quck launch dissapearing on desktop?

Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface Pro 2' started by starstreak, May 13, 2014.

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    I created a quick Launch area next to the windows flag button. Been working fine. About a week ago, I noticed its gone. I recreated it again. And again, today, it's gone. The directory is there because when I recreate it again, all the icons are still there. Anybody else having this issue?
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    Why use quick lunch? You can pin any program on the task bar. Just right-click on it on the Start Screen, and select pin to task bar. Simple! Also, it allows you to do Win+# keyboard shortcut to access them, where # is number from 0 to 9.
    So for example, if you have: File explorer, IE and Firefox pined.
    Win+1 will open File Explorer, Win+2 will open IE, and Win+3 will open Firefox, and you can go on up to 0, where 0 is the 10'th item.

    To open another instance of a program, hold shift and click on the program. Voila! New instance!
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    Mar 17, 2014
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    Why use Quick Launch? cause not all of us want to have the windows bar fully cluttered, and still have the apps we use the most 1 click away when working with the Surface as a Laptop (Mouse/Keyboard).

    To answer the OP, I found the issue!!

    This issue has been driving me nuts since months and I finally found why it happens. The culprit here is the Sync settings :p

    You probably have another machine with the desktop settings synced using W8 / OneDrive. When one machine Syncs the Quick Launch icons, they get mapped to wherever the folder/shorcut is. If your PC A has the shortcuts under C:/Shortcuts and the Surface have them at D:/Shortcuts, once one of the machines sync its settings, the icons on the other synced machine are going to dissapear.

    Solution: either create a folder with all shortcuts/folders inside and place them at the same location in both (all) machines (eg C:/Shortcuts/yourStuff ) or dont sync the desktop settings.

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