Satya Nadella is the New CEO of Microsoft

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    It looks like the earlier Microsoft CEO rumors were true. The folks in Redmond officially announced that Satya Nadella is the New CEO of Microsoft. From the looks of his background, he actually seems like a very solid choice. He has been with the company for 22 years and is credited with being one of the primary leaders who moved the company towards cloud services on several of their products like Bing, Office and Xbox.

    He was also instrumental in growing the parts of the company that he was involved with. He spear-headed the growth in Microsoft Business Services, evolving that portion of the business from a $1.5 billion section to $5 billion section in a five year period. Nadella was also involved in Microsoft’s work with digital rights management and interactive TV, and has even worked with the Xbox division. This makes him a very well-rounded choice moving forward. Outgoing (in more ways than one) CEO Steve Ballmer praised Nadella’s technical and business skills.


    Below we have a quote from Nadella's email to Microsoft Employees sharing some of his thoughts on the transition,

    Above we have a couple of videos. The first one is Nadella's first interview as CEO of Microsoft. The second is Bill Gates himself introducing Nadella as the new CEO. Incidentally, Bill Gates has now taken on a new and more active role in the company once again. He will be Microsoft's "Technology Advisor." Whether this new role will see much in the way of actual guidance remains to be seen. It's possible that Bill Gates "stepping up" to this role is mostly in name only as a way to bolster investor confidence. Either way, it looks like Microsoft is getting back on track in a big way.

    Source: TechCrunch

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