SP3 vs Toshiba T1100

Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface Pro 3' started by Akairu, Aug 6, 2014.

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    I have found myself browsing through these forums and to some degree obsessing over my recent purchase of the SP3. Its to be expected. Its not a cheap device, there are more powerful and different form factors available, and I have 30 days to decide if it is the right thing for me.
    With all the posts about underwhelming performance and possible misconceptions, I thought it would be great to start a post about the benefits and what we as a community really appreciate about the SP3, what we will be or have been using our new machines for, and what really wows and works best for us.
    I have to say, growing up with BBS's and green screen IBMs booted off floppy disk, this device is pretty amazing.
    For perspective, the first ever consumer available laptop:
    Released 1985
    Cost: $1899
    -4.77 MHz Intel Processor
    -256KB of RAM
    -Internal 3,5" floppy drive, 720 KB
    -External 5,25" floppy drive, 360 KB
    -Screen Resolution Graphic mode: 640×200
    Text mode: 80×25
    -Weight: over 9lbs

    Compare that to the SP3, released just 25 years later, and I cant help but be amazed at both the progress of technology and the, almost, overwhelming speed and ease in which we are able to utilize and access information. The raw computational power available to create and design all forms of art, music, and infrastructure on just 1.76lbs of glass, magnesium, and silicon.
    And yes, Minecraft does seem to play just fine on the SP3 at a reasonable 30-40fps.
    But again, your mileage may very and one device is not for everyone, etc.
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    sp3 rocks, bro.

    my first computer is 386 33MHz(maybe 40MHz), 4m ram, 100m hd, 5.25'', that's 20 years ago.

    disk space times 4000
    ram times 4000
    cpu times 1000 ??
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    Ha, I still have a T1100+ and it still works. I got a new battery for it a couple years back just because. :)
    Previous to this I had a Commodore 64 and Vic-20 plus a Heathkit micro trainer with genuine hex keypad. The 1100+ was my first actual x86 computer (aside from some other odd trainer board that had a Z80 on it) followed by a Gateway 2000 386 20 with 80 MB HD. I partitioned it and installed XENIX on the second partition.

    I worked on Mainframes in those days... one had a speedy 6 MHZ clock the CPU cabinet was 8 feet long, 2 feet wide, 6 feet high. the power supply had the same dimensions and weighted about 2000 pounds. Memory was in a separate cabinet, it supported up to 6 MB of RAM but only had 2 MB in it initially the minimum was 768k I think. There were 9 cabinets to the whole configuration; 2 for controllers to connect disk, tape, printers etc. 2 for memory, 2 for data communications and a separate maintenance processor. the whole thing occupied about 300 sq feet the way it was laid out. there were 6 200 MB disk drives, 4 tape drives, 2 printers + console in addition in a nice sized room. Users connected remotely, only operators and me touched the system. This was a fairly large system in the day on an Army base.

    The SP3 has much more processing power and is a bit smaller and lighter :) and really I'm not sure its any harder to fix just a lot different how you go at it. you certainly didn't need to worry about anyone stealing your mainframe though. :)
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