"successful" updates: or maybe not?

Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface 2' started by Frum, Jul 19, 2014.

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    Persistent problem with my SP2 128 (the lump of hardware I most regret buying in 30 years).

    Updates are being installed "successfully" as many as 6 times over a period -anything from days to weeks. This is manifest with the firmware updates 8/07/2014 currently but the update history reveals many previous occurrences (including non-firmware patches).

    I've determined that this phenomenon is connected to the "system files cleanup" routine. If you run the latter, the next time you check for updates (or they get offered a day later) the last firmware update appears as required. If you don't run the cleanup a check reveals nothing required.

    It's been suggested by a semi-literate MS employee that I reset to factory defaults. I balk at this since it indicates that no-one's looked into the problem adequately. And I'm lazy. The above description of the symptoms should be a big clue to whoever administers this stuff. But of course we punters have to do the testing for them.

    Anyone else seen the same symptoms? Or got a clue?

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