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Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface Help' started by bbedsaul, Feb 21, 2014.

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    Hi there,
    I bought a surface Pro in March of last year. About 1 week ago I heard a a loud abnormal noise that I believe was a cooling fan.
    I shut it down and blew out the vents that I could find. It started up and continued to make the sound. It stopped all of a sudden and has not made the sound since. It is very cold here in WA right now and I use it outside mostly. It seems to be running pretty hot and the weather is warming up. I am almost at the end of my warranty I think.

    I am planning to take it to the service center that I bought it from shortly so please save those great pieces of advise.
    Has anyone else ran into this problem? I Google'd it and didn't see any other posts anywhere except how hard these are to work on.
    Any thoughts??

    Brando~ Washington State
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    Running hot and working in the cold, could be thermal shock in an unhappy component, but that's a complete guess, of course. Since you're planning on taking it in anyway, I don't see why you want a second opinion/guess about that. Most importantly, if it's still running, backup everything before taking it in, as they may just do a replacement.
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