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    Hey, i bought my Surface pro about a month ago. I got the chance to play with it for a week only though, since the video output- port was totally messed up:

    brokensurface.png (What the hell could have done that?)

    I sent it back to Microsoft about 2 weeks ago, Their website says that the status order is as follows: Service center is processing the order.
    It's been so long that I'm really hoping I'll just get it back as soon as possible with no further hassle.

    The week I had with it was great, it's the Surface Pro 128GB btw.
    It was fast and worked perfectly. It wasn't a giant phone like tablets, it was a real computer that just looks like tablet.
    Running games like Counter Strike GO was smooth with 60fps, but really difficult with the touch keyboard.
    Games loaded instantly, like the newest Asphalt, I was ingame in seconds.

    I downloaded all the apps i needed, like Chrome, After effects cs6, Sony Vegas 10 and a bunch of smaller games, and I still had about 40 gigs to play around with, not that much, but enough since it can't run that big games anyway (smoothly).
    When it finally gets back the first day goes to installing all the programs, again, but this time I got some new toys,
    like a HDMI adapter, wireless xbox controller receiver and a 4xUSB hub.
    Can't wait.


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    Welcome to the site. Hope you get your device back soon.

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