Using Apple (wireless) Magic Trackpad with SP2

Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface Pro 2' started by munakib, Jan 6, 2014.

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    The trackpad on the touchcover2 was so awful, specially coming from a macbook air, I just couldnt take the harsh surface (pun intended) and finally decided to go alil radical and got myself the magic trackpad by apple. Its a great partner when working from the bed/table. Now, I can have the smooth and specially accurate trackpad at the perfect distance from my hand - scrolling feels like heaven, double tap/single tap, wah, what a life saver. Yes I know it ruins the whole idea of portability but when I am not moving around at work/on meetings, Apple's lil devil can make you be more efficient. I would seriously recommend you give it a try.

    You gotta do alil unzipping/to get the trackpad driver from the bootcamp driver installer, you can always google that - use 7zip, its the only application which can unzip the installer to get you the driver file you need.

    A special tweak that is a must do is changing/inverting the scrolling so that it feels natural:

    1. Find the hardware ID of the mouse
    Go to the mouse control panel
    Select “Hardware” tab
    Click “Properties” button
    Select “Details” tab
    From the drop-down list choose “Hardware IDs”
    Save the VID*** entry ( e.g. VID_045E&PID_0039 )

    2. Find and change the corresponding configuration settings in the registry
    Run regedit.exe
    Open Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\HID
    Here you should find an entry for the hardware ID of your mouse
    In all sub-keys of the hardware id key look for the “DeviceParameters” key and change the “FlipFlopWheel” value from 0 to 1

    3. Make it work
    Unplug the mouse
    Count to five :)
    Plug the mouse back in
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    Yeah done all this when I borrowed the girlfriend's one. I found it too frustrating not being able to use all the functions though, and overall decided it's not a mouse replacement for me on the Surface. Great product if you have an iMac though... wish Microsoft would bring their own version out for Windows 8!

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