Why does my battery charge faster when im using the device?

Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface Pro 3' started by Gavin Lewarne, Feb 4, 2015.

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    For some weird reason, my battery seems to charge much faster when im actually using the device compared to when it is off or in sleep.

    Although this does not bother me, i found it a little strange.

    10 minutes charging in sleep / off results in about 7% charge increase, whereas if im using it, the same 10 minutes results in about 10-12%

    What gives?
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    Sounds like an optimization to benefit real usage scenarios. Charging is likely under control of a Power Management chip (PMIC) and it would determine amount of power requested from the charger... (you probably thought this was a simple bridge rectifier voltage/current charger).

    scenarios: you're on a brief layover between flights, you need to juice up quickly while uploading that file you modified in flight. or you're in between meetings and the wall huggers had snagged all the available outlets so you only have a few minutes to top up while checking emails.

    This is a smart solution to quick charge while its being used to maximize your unplugged battery life.

    Slower charging when not used will likely extend the longevity of the battery but were not talking great differences, its an optimization.

    Background ref:
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