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Discussion in 'Windows 10 Forum' started by Russ, Jun 30, 2015.

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    Build 10158 arrived in the dark of night, and I have already noted a few modest changes:

    * Internet Explorer disappeared from my Taskbar, as did Firefox. Restoring Firefox was easy, but I had to go to the source file for IE to put it back. (Ok, Satya, I got it: You want me to change to Edge.)

    * Insider Hub app is missing. It's still available, but must be manually installed now.

    * Minor cosmetic stuff.

    Just FYI, or whatever.

  2. RichBrownsDesk

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    Jun 27, 2015
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    Some of the notable changes I've noticed:
    * On my Surface 3, auto-rotate works finally (It's the first time I've gotten it to work on Windows 10). That alone makes it worth the update to me.
    * The ability to share notes that you've written on websites has improved.
    * On the other hand, I'm having issues with Edge... including sometimes not being able to add an additional tab when one is already open.
    * Some previous quirkiness with YouTube videos is gone.
    * This is kind of handy: The left panel of the Start Menu now has an icon at the top and at the bottom..... Tapping the top brings up Recent Apps, Settings, File Explorer. Tapping the bottom brings up All Apps.

    I'm sure there are other changes, but those are notable ones to me.

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