Windows 10's Adaptive UX Will Be a Defining Feature for the OS

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    It looks like one of the smaller secrets of Windows 10 could be one of the best features for the budding OS. Microsoft shared that a feature called Adaptive UX will be included in Windows 10. This new user interface innovation is designed to make Windows 10 adapt better to different devices. It's basically a new user interface for apps which can adapt to any screen, from small smartphones to medium tablets and large desktops.

    Windows 10's Adaptive UX will also include some additional enhancements designed to enhance the experience for both developers and end-users. Here's a quote wit a few more details,

    It's hard not to be both excited and skeptical of what Microsoft is doing with Windows 10. They keep announcing so many high-tech software innovations for the OS, we wonder if they can execute their promises reliably and on time. Despite that, we can't wait to try out all of these amazing ideas!

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