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    Solved anniversary update1903 breaks typecover

    yes i've seen all the threads! when the 1903 update installed its self in june my type cover immediately broke. the only thing that worked was the volume control. it was recognised, it even worked in the UEFI., but when attempting to type, nothing happened or the surface would crash with bsod...
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    Solved Pen/Stylus not working after upgrade to Win 10 1903

    I inherited an SP4 without power supply or pen/stylus. I purchased a replacement power supply and pen. The power supply works great. The pen worked at first, but when I upgraded the SP4 to Win 10 1903 (from 1703) the pen stopped working. The pen is a generic pen, probably from China and when it...
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    W10 1903 Surface Book 2 dGPU Photoshop issue

    Greetings! I recently forced the 1903 Upgrade to my 1TB 15" Surface Book 2 but alas it's not doing well running it while working in Adobe Photoshop CC. Even after a clean install of the system ( on 1903 ) and with all drivers installed any attempt to work in Photoshop CC will, after a few...