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W10 1903 Surface Book 2 dGPU Photoshop issue


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I recently forced the 1903 Upgrade to my 1TB 15" Surface Book 2 but alas it's not doing well running it while working in Adobe Photoshop CC.

Even after a clean install of the system ( on 1903 ) and with all drivers installed any attempt to work in Photoshop CC will, after a few seconds/minutes, end with the typical "something was disconnected" sound getting played and PS locking up ( It becomes unresponsive as if you were looking at a screenshot ).

Restarting PS and checking the Performance Settings window in PS will indicate that the Nvidia dGPU is missing with only the Intel one remaining thus requiring a System restart.

Reverting the System back to 1809 ( huge pain in the ass ) fixes the issue.

Anyone aware of this issue and if this will be resolved once 1903 officially ships to the Surface Book 2?


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I am also experiencing this issue, in both Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC. I hear the disconnect sound, the notification area Surface disconnect icon goes from the dGPU-in-use to ready-to-detach, the program hangs then crashes, and the NVidia GPU is no longer listed in Device Manager. Instead of rebooting though, I found detaching and reattaching the screen will "recover" the NVidia GPU. Looking forward to a solution.