1. W

    Surfacebook Mount?

    Does anyone know of a good clamp mount or something similar that can hold the surfacebook when folded in half? I use my Surfacebook with two external monitors that are on arm mounts but I need something to hold my surface so I can save some desk space. Ideally something that could clamp onto...
  2. L

    Which SurfaceBook should I buy ?

    (feel free to move this topic to the General Discussion if this is not the right place) First, hello there ! I'm Raphael (yeah, can't stop using my weird pseudo because I'm definitely bound to it) and I'm fresh and new in this forum. Found a lot of interesting topics in there (I'm living in...
  3. No_ax_to_grind

    Surface Pro 4 power supply cord

    Not to nitpick, but the power adapter for my SP3 had a little black clip on the cable to secure the adapter end to the cable when you coiled it up and a small velcro wrap to wrap it up when you coiled it up. Adapter for my SP4 came with neither, anyone know where I could grab them? Try to keep...
  4. No_ax_to_grind

    SP4 Pro Skins

    Noting that most everyone will not have their new skins for the Surface Pro 4 until November, anyone have any plans to get one sooner and, if so, whose?