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Which SurfaceBook should I buy ?


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First, hello there !

I'm Raphael (yeah, can't stop using my weird pseudo because I'm definitely bound to it) and I'm fresh and new in this forum. Found a lot of interesting topics in there (I'm living in France and everything labeled Microsoft is considered like plague so... not so much forums to talk about their products).

So here is the thing. I've been doing a lot of thinking about adopting a Surface Pro 4 or a Surface Book but it's a no-brainer, when it was announced I knew it was the product I need.
As a screenwriter (but no glory there) I need to type a lot. Living in a sh*** place I just have a huge desktop computer connect to my loyal (very)big TV. So here I am, the keyboard and the mouse on my legs sitting on my chair (what a sweet picture). You get it, it's a living hell. And I'm moving a lot to work outside with my cowriter, for masterclasses,etc handwriting on my notepad. Typing, reading, and handwriting a lot of notes (including sketches), yep, I'm aiming at you SurfaceBook. This is like it was designed just for me (but I'm gonna play fair, it's for anyone). Considering I've never owned a Tablet nor a Laptop, it's time to get comfortable for good.

So I'm almost ready for my purchase (dreaming of it at night so no going back) but I'd like to be sure about which model I should buy including accessories.

The use : As I said a lot of typing, surfing, reading, handwriting and drawing some sketches. As much as I like to play games I told myself this is gonna be a work station but I'm a human being so at some point I'm gonna be tempted to install some classics (just for testing of course... *whistling*). It's definitely not a selling point (got my Xbone or my noisy Desktop PC doing the job) but some distraction is sometimes welcome.

In my amazing country (*scoff* *scoff*) I got the choice between :
128go SSD i5 - 8Go (1649€) or go straight to the 256go SSD i5 8Go with dPGU (2069€). I'm not gonna go beyond this price. My question is ("Is he really shooting his question only now ?!") : Is the more storage and the dGPU worth my money for a small boost (and it's consuming my battery faster, right ?) just for semi-pro (Yeah, okay... amateur is a more suitable word) illustration and photoshoping use + some light gaming for distraction (remember, still got my desktop PC doing fine with games) ?

And now, what should I buy with ? ("my god he hasn't finished his post, has he ?")
For 10 bucks I think the Pen Tip Kit could be a nice addition. And is a mouse a must-buy ? I hate having to wait for my finger to finish his course on the trackpad but I figured I would use directly the pen or the touchscreen. For additional storage external SSD are still pricey, is a classic HDD still faster than a SD card (yep, don't know what's better I'm a man with special needs) ? Now the dock... I'm just gonna, maybe, link my Surface Book to my TV for Netflix (VPN style). Should I just go for the HDMI adapter (this expensive dock man...) ? Is the Wireless display adapter for streaming on my TV more than enough for watching media content ? The official Microsoft one or an other one ? Heard that the Power Supply is a bit short... Is there a longer one ?
I'm gonna buy a sleeve directly on Amazon and not sure about a Protection for the screen. Anything I'm forgetting ?

And one more ask ("Not cool man...") : I desperately need office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) but I'm not sure wich version buy (I'm gonna use it on my phone to edit documents in urgence and maybe on my home computer too at some point). Time to try 365 ? My girlfriend is a University studient, maybe she could grab me a 365 University edition but wouldn't it be a terrible procedure to go through ? I mean, my ID for logging in my Windows 10 devices and managing my subscribes informations does not match with her student ID...

Guess we got around my needs ! So the follow-up is subsidiary and only concerns Windows Phone :

I own a very hold iPhone 4 (only the number, not the S attached) and want to go away from the Apple ecosystem. I'll be so relief to use only one similar UI for all my devices. I'm looking for a Lumia 950, is it worth it ? Read the XL is better but I don't know if the extra-size is worthy (I like to use only one hand for texting). At first I was thinking about waiting for the inevitable Surface Phone reveal but who knows when it's gonna happen... And it's probably a good way to adapt to the WP UI in prevision, right ?

I really want to do things right before the big purchase (never spend so much amount of money and I'm really not earning that much money, but time to improve my worktime and productivity). As would my friend Ron say "Choose Wisely" (Harry Potter joke).

If you guy(s) went through the reading, bravo and sorry for the details and the English Foreigner Style. If you didn't, well, no harm done :)

See you around and thanks in advance !

Raphael (LhommeCornichon sound better)
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