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    Intel Iris 540 problems GPU photoshop

    Hi all. First I bought a surface pro 3, after 1 year and many issues regarding photoshop pen and stability. Microsoft advised me to buy the surface pro 4 all the issues I had with the pen and GPU in photoshop where solved. So stupid me to trust a sales guy I bought the surface pro 4, still...
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    Solved Fonts in Illustrator Not Working Properly

    Dear all, I was wondering if you guys having the same issue as me. I currently use the latest AI CC downloaded directly from Adobe with full license. The same software I have been using for over one year on my laptop, everything is fine and perfect. But when I install it in my Surface 2017...
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    Scrolling in Adobe Acrobat DC

    Hi, scrolling with the trackpad in any programm or app is smooth and a great experience, it's a 1:1 translation. But scrolling in Adobe Acrobat PDF is a nightmare. Is anyone else experiencing that? When I scroll I have a huge way on the trackpad and a fairly short effective scroll way on the...