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Intel Iris 540 problems GPU photoshop

henk brouwer

New Member
Hi all.

First I bought a surface pro 3, after 1 year and many issues regarding photoshop pen and stability. Microsoft advised me to buy the surface pro 4 all the issues I had with the pen and GPU in photoshop where solved.

So stupid me to trust a sales guy I bought the surface pro 4, still with the other one on my desk. I think from day one I have had more problems with the 4 then I ever had with the 3, I kept on asking for help at microsoft and Adobe. Microsoft have sent me 3 new (refurbished) laptops because according to them my machine was not correct. so after many, many, many phone calls still no solution. Now Adobe tells me that the video card that is in my surface 4 is not suited for the GPU in photoshop. So all the time they told me that this was the most perfect machine for Photoshop etc. and now I have 2 computers of together allmost 6000 euro is not good. What the F.. . Anyway I asked microsoft to give me an email adres where i can adres my complain. The brought me in contact of one of the managers that supposingly wil try to find a solution for my problem, after many mails they guy told me that he tried everything in his power to help me. A lot of nice words with no meaning.

In one off his mails he told me I have maybe a solution but I am not allowed to share this with you.
And that solution was to put Nvidea drivers on my Iris 540. I have no clue what that means.

Anyone of you guys have a clue what this good mean?

Henk Brouwer