1. C

    Its been few years, any way to keep backlight always on?

    The SP4 and generally the Type Cover is out for a few years now. I have seen many threads about this with no answers... Am I missing something? How comes not enough people care that MSFT is not fixing it? Perhaps there is some custom firmware to make the type cover keep the backlight always on...
  2. M

    The backlight does not work

    Hi, I have a Microsoft Surface Pro gen. Completely ceased to function backlight, the picture is faintly visible in daylight. Where should I look for the defect? Thanks
  3. J

    SP4 Backlight always on

    Got my Surface Pro 4 yesterday, and after a few hours of use it suddenly began to keep the backlight of the screen on all the time, even when the screen is off. Also, the setting to adjust the brightness in the notification panel suddenly became greyed out, and the slider for brightness in the...