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Its been few years, any way to keep backlight always on?


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The SP4 and generally the Type Cover is out for a few years now. I have seen many threads about this with no answers...

Am I missing something? How comes not enough people care that MSFT is not fixing it?
Perhaps there is some custom firmware to make the type cover keep the backlight always on whenever its connected or something?

There has to be a way to fix this.. it is annoying at nights particularly.


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Yes, the keyboard light does not stay on, and there is no software control for that. There is agreement by many users that this is an oversight.

I traveled by air at night next to someone who needed to see their keys, after not typing for awhile, but resorted to the overhead reading light.


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Is there any Microsoft Surface feedback forum, some central place we could focus on promoting the issue collectively, so MS acknowledges it and issues a fix?