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    Surface Pro 4 UEFI Flash Tool?

    Does anyone have access to a tool that an MS tech would use to update the model type on the UEFI? I purchased a refurbished Surface Pro 4 from a certified re-seller. It works great for the most part. I had a few issues with the touchscreen shortly after buying it and when I tried to download...
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    Weird camera shutter noise on start up and shutdown

    I recently purchased a Surface Go and am enjoying it so far except for one minor detail. Every time I start it or turn it off it makes a clicking noise that sounds a bit like a camera shutter (I am not paranoid about anyone taking pictures of me, I just find the sound annoying). It also makes...
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    bios settings

    Hi all, the BIOS on my Surface 3 seems locked. I only can lookup the serial Nr. No way to disable secure boot. Is there any way to install Ubuntu/Debian whit secure boot active? kocj
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    Solved Will it provide full virtualization support?

    For me it's important that I can bring my VMware Workstation VMs along during my trips. Will the new Surface 4 Pro CPU/BIOS/UEFI provide all the up-to-date and required virtualization support?