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Does anyone have access to a tool that an MS tech would use to update the model type on the UEFI?

I purchased a refurbished Surface Pro 4 from a certified re-seller. It works great for the most part. I had a few issues with the touchscreen shortly after buying it and when I tried to download the MSI file from MS to update all firmware and drivers, it wouldn't run because it said that it was not a Surface device.

The Surface app shows nothing either. I can't run the Surface Diag Tool because it also says the same thing, it isn't recognized as a Surface.

It all comes down to the model type shown in the UEFI, it shows "ST15" instead of "Surface Pro 4". At some point during the refurb process, a tech must have done some UEFI update tool and changed the model type. I reached out to the company and they said they didn't have the tool. MS Support hasn't been able to help either. I was able to update a few drivers and the UEFI by manually finding the INF and BIN files online, but I still need to get more updates.

I know there's a tool out there, likely internal-only, that can do this. I service Lenovo PCs and I have a bootable USB that allows me to change the model and serial number in the BIOS after replacing a motherboard. Someone out there, even a field tech that services MS devices remotely, must have the tool I can use to update my UEFI.


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