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    Surface pro 4 secured boot enabled, uefi password locked, no OS, need serious help

    My Surface Pro 4 tab is uefi password locked and even system password lock no operating system when I turn on my tablet it directly enters into the mode where it demands me password even after cancelling it shows me ufi password screen and directly enters system information menu page so now I...
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    Type Touch Covers Bricked from updates, firmware

    BIG PROBLEM across all Surfaces. In my recent months of troubleshooting, I've found many others recently having this same issue. It seems to apply to Surface Pro 1/2/3/4 and possibly the latest models. This link is just one example of the complaints: Surface Pro 4 Jul 2017 Update - Type Cover...
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    Solved Surface pro bricked

    Hi, I recently bought a second hand surface pro 1 and I tried to update it to W10. While updating I accidentally shut the tablet down and now its stuck in the ''just a moment'' screen. Tried downloading the recovery image on the microsoft site but it always fails around 70%. (IDM also doesn't...
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    Can't boot from USB

    Surface Pro - attempted upgrade to win 10, had a cisco component on it so no internet, tried to revert to 8 and it bricked windows entirely. I am able to get into BIOS setup and disabled secure boot control and trusted platform module, but it doesn't pick up on my USB recovery drive, whether it...
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    Solved SP4 Boot Loop

    Hi All, So, my SP4 went through a windows 10 update last night. Now when I turn it on the Surface logo appears the spinning dots then appear and then it goes dark and repeats this process. I have made a recovery USB but when I try to reset the SP4 choosing the "keep my files" option then the...