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Surface pro 4 secured boot enabled, uefi password locked, no OS, need serious help


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My Surface Pro 4 tab is uefi password locked and even system password lock no operating system when I turn on my tablet it directly enters into the mode where it demands me password even after cancelling it shows me ufi password screen and directly enters system information menu page so now I am helpless I want some solution to fix this tablet is there anything which I can do with the recovery image even I can't see boot options so I can flash something through USB

Update : I even tried to copy recovery in a USB drive which works on my friends surface pro tab but whn I do the same it simply flashes on surface logo and enters to the 1screen attached in below pic


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Sorry, that is the purpose of the UEFI password ... To protect the system from any "unauthorized" access including overwriting it. If you could bypass this it would be worthless garbage.


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any way to clear UEFI password - Bing video

In short, there's no battery to remove, no jumper or switch to set, no magic words, no back doors, you cannot send it to Microsoft for them to do it either.

The one option which isn't easy would be to replace the motherboard which includes the UEFI and Password. The risk is you'd likely break the screen or damage something in the process. The SSD should be removable from the motherboard although encrypted you can access it with the bitlocker recovery key (assuming you have that).