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  1. T

    Surface 3 case for note taking

    Hello all, Im looking for reccommendations for a case/sleeve that can be used to wrap around to the back of the device so that when I bend the surface keyboard to the back, there is something between the keyboard and my desk.
  2. W

    Making of the Surface Pro 3/4 leather sleeve case.

    Happy New Year Everyone! I just want to share my video of me making the Surface Pro 3/4 leather sleeve case. I hope you like it :)
  3. G-man

    Rugged Case for Clipboard?

    Does anyone make a rugged case for the Clipboard? I'd love to take into the field with me, but not without protection.
  4. J

    Otterbox Symmetry Series Case (SP3)

    Anyone seen this before? It looks pretty stylish but the price tag is way too much. If it was $40-50 I'd try it out, but now $130 Stylish & Slim Surface Pro 3 Case from OtterBox Available on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1LALg3J