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Otterbox Symmetry Series Case (SP3)


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OtterBox cases are very good, we used to use them for PDA's @ Renault which was a God send as those garage workers know how to break things properly!


Yeah I have them for my tablets and smartphones as well. This particular one for the SP3 is too much. I'll have to wait until it drops 50% at least-.


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MOST IMPORTANTLY: This is the only SP3 case I have ever seen that is compatible with the Microsoft Docking Station. This is the one reason I have held off on getting a full-time protective case for over a year. I use my docking station every day, and it would be a huge hassle to constantly have to remove a case. I wish they would hurry up and get this thing in stock!


Otterbox Product Overview:

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Also, it was in stock when it first came out a few weeks ago, but is out of stock now. They are probably making them in preorder batches as it's pretty late in the life cycle of the SP3.


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Dang. Alright, well I'll probably place an order then and hope it shows up. For now, I'll just keep using my Incipio Folio case.


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Sweet looking case, but would rather have the clear area of the case be a solid color. To me, after some usage, the clear area will become scuffed up and have that awful blemished, hazy look.


Ha, I just looked for it on Amazon and it is still out of stock, so I checked Adorama. They say they have it in stock, but at $1,549.00!!!! (A ploy they seem to use whenever they really don't have it to sell.)

I have a question about it: It looks like the keyboard part of it doesn't cover the entire keyboard. I like to lay my keyboard down entirely flat (pulling some of the magnetic surface away from the body), but can that Otterbox case do that without the keyboard getting all whopper-jawed?
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