clean install

  1. Cimmerian

    I Made A Mistake (Clean Install)

    So as of recent my SB2 15” 512GB was having some issues, weird hangs, random performance spike, inconsistent performance, etc. so I decided to reset it comletely. I updated to 1809 a few weeks ago before they pulled it and wanted to stay on 1809 but I also wanted to do a comletely clean...
  2. DocACE911

    Will a "refresh" give me a clean Win10 or revert to Win8?

    I upgraded long ago to Windows 10 under the free offer. Right now the entire surface feels "slow", battery life seems terrible. My thought was to just do a "refresh" and start over. However the recovery partition is still windows 8 right (that is what it care with). So if I do this, must I...