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cracked screen

  1. M

    Replacement screen/digitizer for a SP5 in my SP3?

    I saw this page where they replaced the SP4 screen with a SP5 screen because of the hardware issues (flickering) of the SP4 screen. https://www.most-useful.com/screen-flickering-on-surface-pro-4-solved-permanently/ When I try to actively search on google for replacing the SP4 screen with a SP5...
  2. cricket1001

    How to get backup of SP3 if it won’t start?

    I’m afraid that I have lost any info or files that are on my SP3 that wasn’t saved to OneDrive because I can’t get my SP3 to turn on. It fell and I have a small crack on the bottom left corner of the screen. Is there any way to get the info backed up somewhere somehow? Thanks
  3. T

    Screen Cracked, causing other problems?

    After more than 4 years I have finally cracked the screen on my Surface Pro 3. As careless as I am, I'm amazed it made this long. The problem, It boots up to the word "Surface" and stops. I turned off the touch screen function, because the cursor just kept going to the crack, and I am using...