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Screen Cracked, causing other problems?

Tim Spivey

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After more than 4 years I have finally cracked the screen on my Surface Pro 3. As careless as I am, I'm amazed it made this long. The problem, It boots up to the word "Surface" and stops. I turned off the touch screen function, because the cursor just kept going to the crack, and I am using it in the docking station anyway right now. It seem to work perfect except during boot up. Like I said, it boots up to the word "Surface" and stops. After many hard starts using the power button it will finally boot up and works perfects except for no "Touch Screen" ability. Could my boot up problem be a result of the "Cracked Screen" or my turning of the "Touch Screen." I really want to get the screen replaced but I am trying to figure out if it's worth it.


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I have the same problem.Cracked display driver disabled.Stuck in the surface image on boot.
In bios i set the option boot from usb-ssd.I choose a bootable stick (ex.lazesoft) and booting into the program.
Click escape and after that he boot instantly into the windows.
This is the only way for me to get into the windows.
It is very annoying to follow the same procedure every time
I still think it's the disabled touchscreen driver which he is looking for at boot.
I tried update,recovery,disable secure boot...not working
Please, if anyone else has an easier solutions for this problem.
A Happy New Year!for all.Thanks,
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I have the same problem, sometimes it took like 30 reboots before it actually booted into Windows. There is a sweetspot on my cracked screen, when I apply pressure there, then it doesn't have those ghost pressure gestures. What I did, boot into UEFI and search for the pressure point (if it exist) where you apply a little bit of pressure so you don't have your screen making that clicking gesture. Keep applying the pressure and choose exit setup and let windows boot. Then it works in my case (or it is just some weird luck that it boots now haha)