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    Surface Pro 6 ethernet to usb adapter

    Hi All, I have 2 questions on the title above. Basically we are trying to set up wired connections for dozen of surface pro 6 devices since wi-fi is not allowed in our office. For the record, i've never used surface before, so need your advice 1. Can we use any ethernet to usb adapters apart...
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    Solved Ethernet/Wi-Fi disabled

    So we have about 10 Surface Pro 4's in our organisation, of these at least 50% have had an issue where they boot up and will not connect to Ethernet or Wi-Fi, or will connect to Wi-Fi but say no internet access. The issue is not caused by a failed update and event viewer does not point to a...
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    HELP : SP3, WIN10, DOCK, No Local Area Connection

    My wife has a Surface Pro 3 that sits in a Microsoft Dock. We are not sure when the problem started but while the SP3 can connect to our WIFI just fine, I can't get the Ethernet port on the dock to be recognized by the SP3. Device Manager > Network Adapter > Surface Ethernet Adapter present...