1. K

    Possible Hardware Issue? Acting like it's in "Sleep of Death" but isn't.

    Long story short, I was watching a YouTube video last night and wanted to skip back 30 seconds of the video, I frantically clicked on the video timeline causing it to skip to multiple times of the video and my SP4 froze. Everything was unresponsive, power button and volume buttons to and I...
  2. C

    Doesnt Start

    Hey Guys iam new to this Forum, Since the last Update i made my Surface doesnt start, I tried every Solution on the Microsoft Site, but my Problem isnt on that Site as well. When i press the Startbutton my Surface 3 Blacklight turns on and turned off again in a Loop nothing else happens...
  3. V

    Surface Pro 4 - I feel ashamed for buying it.

    I bought this device a few days ago and besides problems i don't think i have experienced anything else with it. Bought this device for my boss, thinking that it would replace his desktop/laptop/tablet. The first time i set it up, OneNote wasn't working. I had to go to some forums to read about...
  4. E

    Solved USB-port keeps disconnecting

    Hi! I have already gotten a new SP4 off warranty, and I have been experiencing that my USB-port keeps disconnecting and reconnecting infinitely when charging my phone. Is this a hardware failure or has it something to do with recent updates?