fall creators update

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    Sleep not working Fall creators update

    hello everyone, Is it just me or other users are having the same issue of their surface book not going into sleep mode? with the newest fall creators update, it no longer will go into sleep mode. When I hit sleep mode the display will turn off but if I hit a key or move the mouse it is still...
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    Scrolling with pen

    I swear i've seen the option to turn off the scrolling with pen somewhere but i cant find it now :/ I cant drag layers on Manga Studio 5 because the pen wants to scroll the panel instead of dragging the layer! This update starting to give me more problems than its worth!!
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    On-Screen Standard Keyboard Layout missing on Fall Creators Update

    Anyone that already updated to the Fall Creators Update can confirm that the on-screen Standard Keyboard Layout(the one with all the keys) is missing? I´ve updated a few hours ago and noticed that the option to select the standard layout is missing, either on the keyboard options or in general...
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    Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Public Rollout Starts Today

    Windows Central reports that following months of testing, the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update has finally begun its public rollout, which will be taking place gradually around the world over the next few months. If you’re impatient to receive the update you can check manually to see if it’s...