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    ZXCV keys not working

    Hi guys I’m new here, hope to partake & learn a lot. Just bought my surface pro 6 with type cover and pen. I have an issue straight off the bat I’m hoping I can get some help for. The following keys on the type cover do not work at all: ZXCV. I have reinstalled the keyboard drivers. I’ve...
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    Some keys stop working then work again for no reason

    I have a bizarre issue with my pro 4 surface keyboard. Both shift keys, numbers 7 8 and 9, r, t, and the del key do not work all the time. Numbers will sometimes work if I press and hold as do the r and t. However, for no reason at all they will starting working like normal for a while then stop...
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    Solved Looking for really knackered 128GB Surface 3 for part salvaging

    Hello there! I just signed up in the hopes of finding here what I've been trying to get hold of for a while now. I'm looking for a REALLY faulty/damaged Microsoft Surface 3 (128GB/4GB model. May take the 64GB/4GB model if I can't find the former, but I really want the 128GB eMMC). All I really...