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    Microsoft Modern Keyboard with fingerprint ID

    I Have a question for owners of 'Microsoft Modern Keyboard with fingerprint ID' (EKZ-00001). Is this keyboard can work as USB keyboard. What I mean is: 1. Is it available when rebooting PC – for example in bios 2. Can I use it when Bluetooth is turned off or not available
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    1709 kills the fingerprint driver

    I manually downloaded 1709 a few months ago and everything continued to work great, then the Fall Creators Update was again installed via Windows Updates and the defecation hit the impeller. Now my once wonderful SP3 boots slow, the fingerprint reader does not work, and Windows Hello is no...
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    SP4TC: Fingerprinter Reader fails after a while

    For starters: A healthy and succesful 2016 for everyone here at Surface Forums! Now, on to business :) I recently had a type cover with fingerprint reader for my Surface Pro 3 shipped over from the US to Europe, and I must say it's great as a keyboard! The spacing of the keys is much better...