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SP4TC: Fingerprinter Reader fails after a while


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For starters: A healthy and succesful 2016 for everyone here at Surface Forums!

Now, on to business :)

I recently had a type cover with fingerprint reader for my Surface Pro 3 shipped over from the US to Europe, and I must say it's great as a keyboard! The spacing of the keys is much better, and as a VMware consultant, it's nice to have a proper Ins-key :)

I use the built-in fingerprint reader to logon and to use User Account Control to raise the privileges on my system (I use that a lot specifically).
The only problem is that the fingerprint reader seems to suddenly stop working for no apparent reason. A simple detach and re-attach of the keyboard fixes the problem for some time until it fails again. There is no relation (that I can find) to hibernate or sleep.

The version of the driver is, and it seems to be the latest available.

Are others experiencing the same issues?


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I have exact the same thing! Surface Pro 3 with the TypeCover 4. But i noticed that when i do not swipe up the lock-screen (and keep the beautiful pictures shown) the sensor works way more often. But as soon as i click, type or swipe the lock-screen away it fails every time.

As you mentioned detaching and re-attaching is the only thing that works.

The Surface Fingerprint Sensor driver version is: