graphics issues

  1. T

    SP 2017 i7 512GB - Screen Banding / Persistent Graphics

    Hello, I have a rather new SP 2017 i7 with Iris Grapics and I keep getting screen banding / striping, plus occasionally persistent graphics. This is really, really annoying. I have the latest drivers installed, and even the Creator's Update did not fix this issue. As I type this on the forum I...
  2. C

    Solved Manually downloaded Intel beta graphics driver and ...surprise...that was not a good idea

    Now, this Surface (which I borrowed, for an international trip, btw, not completely sure if it's Pro2 or 3. I have to return it in less than 3 weeks. Or ...ig might as well not go back, haha) anyway, the Surface now has a black screen. device was on the charger, fully charged, keyboard is...
  3. Alan_T

    MS Edge/BBC iPlayer oddity on Surface Book

    Anyone else experienced this problem: The BBC iPlayer Home page ( includes tiles referred to as Collections. The idea is you mouse-over the tile and an animated list of available programs is displayed. You might well ask, what has this to do with Surface Book? Well, using...
  4. D

    Help! Surface Issues and Return after 30 Days

    Help! I Need Somebody, Help! Pretty Much anybody, Heeelllp.... nanananaan Having some huge issues with my SP4 At the moment The issues im encountering are (connected to wall power and on battery) -Video_TDR_FAILURE Bluescreens -Video_memory_management_failure Bluescreens -Pen Disconnects...