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Solved Manually downloaded Intel beta graphics driver and ...surprise...that was not a good idea


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Now, this Surface (which I borrowed, for an international trip, btw, not completely sure if it's Pro2 or 3. I have to return it in less than 3 weeks. Or ...ig might as well not go back, haha) anyway, the Surface now has a black screen. device was on the charger, fully charged, keyboard is lighting up, I know it is not dead.

Is there anything I can do to at least get to a point where I can see what's going on? Possibly rollback/uninstall the driver or reset my system back to a day before today??

[I manually downloaded the driver because the automatic update did not fix the problem. I couldn't watch any videos without getting that error a million times. ...I admit, I had no clue what I was doing. I thought it would just tell me if it wasnt compatible ---not turn my screen black!]