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    No internet when connected to HDMI

    I bought a micro HDMI cable adapter for my surface pro 3, hoping to be able to stream videos onto my TV, except every time I connect this cable it completely cuts out my internet connection, yet the symbol and the bottom of my screen says that everything is working fine and as it should be? When...
  2. J

    Low-end Projector Recommendation

    Hi everybody, I don't have a television, but do a fair amount of watching on devices. I've been looking for a projector to plug into and project shows and movies on the wall for a more theatrical experience. My requirements are modest, and I think that 480p would be adequate. I've seen a number...
  3. 2nd

    Solved HDMI Scaling on TV?

    Good day, I'm using a Surface Pro 3, upgraded to Windows 10. I have a tv, flat screen, but HD ready only. Though the TV has HDMI connector. I've bought a MiniDP to HDMI cable, 5m, and it's working. Though there's an issue: I'm missing HDMI scaling options which you have f. e. in ATI Catalyst...