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Low-end Projector Recommendation


Hi everybody,
I don't have a television, but do a fair amount of watching on devices. I've been looking for a projector to plug into and project shows and movies on the wall for a more theatrical experience. My requirements are modest, and I think that 480p would be adequate. I've seen a number of reasonably priced Pico type units on Amazon, but feel the reviews are often padded by the sellers, so don't really trust them.
I'd ideally like to spend $50, or less. If anybody has any suggestions, that would be great.


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I'm using this one:


I know you want to spend $50, but they have very little in the way of lumens, and this one works great, with the caveat that the room needs to be dark. I carry it with me for work and use it for a roughly equivalent 100" TV in my office projected on a blank wall.