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  1. O

    Problem with missing space on SPro2

    My little brother has a Surface Pro 2 and it has a problem regarding storage. Sometimes when downloading things the download fails but the space is still used up on the hard drive (the files aren't visible either). He was complaining to me about this before, but I wasn't really sure what he...
  2. J

    HELP Surface laptop flashes logo but doesn't boot

    I've had my surface laptop for a while now and it won't boot anymore! I push the power button and the Surface logo flashes for less then a second then the screen goes black, keyboard stays backlit for another 15 to 30 seconds then also shuts off, I can keep doing this over and over, if i hold...
  3. AMDT

    Keyboard Problems With Surface Pro 3

    Keyboard Problems (SP3) Okay. Here's the problem: the keyboard (SP3 version) at some point in the last few weeks has stopped responding/typing with my Surface. At first, I thought it was just that the keyboard was faulty, but after buying a new SP3 keyboard and attaching it to the SP3, I found...