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Problem with missing space on SPro2


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My little brother has a Surface Pro 2 and it has a problem regarding storage. Sometimes when downloading things the download fails but the space is still used up on the hard drive (the files aren't visible either). He was complaining to me about this before, but I wasn't really sure what he meant at first.

We bought a microSD card to increase the space on his tablet (since it had a 60gb SSD), and he asked me to put a game on it for him. I plugged in an external hard drive and dragged and dropped the game folder (the game was DRM-free). It took about 30 mins and then completed, but when you navigate to the game folders, they're all empty--but the space on the card is still used. I tried reformatting the card, but the same problem kept happening.

Since this was happening both on his SSD and the microSD card, I assume it's a software issue, but I don't really know for sure.