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    Drawing in Illustrator

    The problem is, I can't get sharp edges on brushes when I draw with my pen directly on my screen. I get these round edges and after a few hours fighting with the brush settings I finally realised that the sharp edges are possible but you need to add some black magic and sorcery. As you can see...
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    Solved Fonts in Illustrator Not Working Properly

    Dear all, I was wondering if you guys having the same issue as me. I currently use the latest AI CC downloaded directly from Adobe with full license. The same software I have been using for over one year on my laptop, everything is fine and perfect. But when I install it in my Surface 2017...
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    Solved GPU crashing with illustrator

    The GPU crashes when i am trying to work on my designs. I don't know if it is a faulty gpu or just a problem with Illustrator and/or my design file. I have tried updating the drivers through microsoft and official nvidia channels. Illustrator generally runs slower than i would expect it too...