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Solved GPU crashing with illustrator


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The GPU crashes when i am trying to work on my designs.

I don't know if it is a faulty gpu or just a problem with Illustrator and/or my design file.

I have tried updating the drivers through microsoft and official nvidia channels.

Illustrator generally runs slower than i would expect it too, but then I don't really know what it is capable of.

Edit: I believe i have found a solution..

There seems to be a few things at play here.

I managed to download and install some bleeding edge gaming drivers following this thread:

Surface Book: How to install updated NVIDIA drivers • /r/Surface


What I have found is that though performance is slower and not as smooth as the microsoft driver, it does not crash illustrator or cause any "kernel exception" or crash the GPU.

That said performance was still actually better with the intel cpu/gpu, that is with GPU disabled in control centre and/or in Illustrator.

...Until I adjusted the 3d setting in NVIDIA control Panel, back to USE global (auto select). apparently this makes use of both dedicated and discrete GPUs . (Previously i had tried both other settings in a bid to find a solution).


Another factor seems to be the resolution of the Surface Book. When I run the same files on my 1080p external monitor, things are a lot smoother, though still choppy using either the GPU or the intel chip.

I changed another setting, this time in the illustrator GPU settings. Select Custom in stead of optimal, and drop slider all the way down to performance.


This setting change had the most marked effect on smoothness when using the zoom or pan in Ai. It is actually smooth now! and generally running faster with copy paste and drag objects etc.

One more thing...Potentially things slow down alot after the clipboard gets full of copy and pastes and undos.

I created a shortcut to cleaning the windows clipboard. I forget where i found the info now but here is a pic of the properties of the desktop shortcut i created, complete with keyboard shortcut.


Hurray for persistence! I have a fully functional design laptop tablet hybrid.
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