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    LTE wireless Surface Pro compatible with 4G in Europe?

    Does anyone know if the LTE wireless Surface Pro i5 is compatible with the 4G networks in Europe? A friend of me will go to the US to study and would like to buy one. But I very much doubt if the wireless option will also work if he wants to use his US Surface tablet when back in Europe on the...
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    Microsoft Announces Surface Pro With LTE Advanced at Future Decoded in London

    PC Mag reports that Microsoft Surface head Panos Panay today announced a new Surface Pro with LTE Advanced at Microsoft’s Future Decoded event at the O2 Arena in London during a keynote speech aimed at “empowering employees with modern devices.” The long-rumoured Surface Pro with LTE Advanced...
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    SP4 Broadband

    Looks like there's no option for adding broadband to a SP4 pre-order. Anyone know when this will be available? We are thinking about rolling SP4s out to all our fleet vehicles and we don't want to do hotspots or tethering to phones etc. I want it built in and easy to manage. Thanks.
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    Will SP4 come with a SIM card slot, for GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/LTE?

    The title says it all ... Will the Surface Pro 4 provide a 4G slot for inserting telecommunication SIM cards?