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    trouble reading microSD and USB port

    Just spent 2 hours with technical support to be told to post here....hopefully microsoft engineers will read this. Just got my new SP4. I have a microSD card plugged in and tried to plug a USB 3.0 Insignia card reader with Compact flash card inserted. The SP4 did not read the USB3 card...
  2. M

    Cannot boot USB if microsd card present

    I have a bootable USB that has Windows PE created using Windows 10 ADK. When I try to boot from it while I have a microSD card in the sd slot I get a boot error. Removing the sd card and rebooting works. Sadly I have put a backup of my computer on that microsd card and the bootable USB is my...
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    MicroSD card unmounting randomly on SP3

    I have a Sandisk 128GB and I randomly find that the card unmounts at different points during the day. I haven't been able to pinpoint when it happens. I just realize that some programs won't load that were installed on the card and that's how I know. Anyone know how to fix this?