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trouble reading microSD and USB port


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Just spent 2 hours with technical support to be told to post here....hopefully microsoft engineers will read this.

Just got my new SP4. I have a microSD card plugged in and tried to plug a USB 3.0 Insignia card reader with Compact flash card inserted.

The SP4 did not read the USB3 card reader/card. However, if I removed from the back the microSD card and plugged in the USB3 card reader/card the device would show up on the SP4.

I took the card reader/card and was able to read the card no problem on my desktop.

I then took my docking station and plugged it into my SP4. inserted the microSD card into back of SP4. Plugged card reader/card into docking station and NOW I COULD SEE BOTH OF THEM.

I then took the USB3 card reader/card and plugged it into SP4 and I could see both cards now....

If I power down the SP4, power back up, the SP 4 can not see both cards again. However, if I plug the USB3 card reader/card into the docking station again, remove it and plug back into SP4 it will see both cards.

What is going on????? HELP???????

I bought the SP4 to replace my ipad PRO because the implementation of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom was poorly done on the apple devices. I rely on cards being read since I pull them right out of the camera to work on them. I have workarounds to read the cards via wifi for the ipad pro, but with the SP4 I was hoping not to have to do this....

My SP4 is the 7i and 1TB of SSD......I bought the most powerful unit with the biggest storage...only to find that the weak link is reading through the USB ports......

You can see this is a problem....

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