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    W10 1903 Surface Book 2 dGPU Photoshop issue

    Greetings! I recently forced the 1903 Upgrade to my 1TB 15" Surface Book 2 but alas it's not doing well running it while working in Adobe Photoshop CC. Even after a clean install of the system ( on 1903 ) and with all drivers installed any attempt to work in Photoshop CC will, after a few...
  2. K

    Need A Specific NVIDIA Driver

    Hey all, I've been searching for hours trying to find a driver... I just got a Surface Book through work, and it's updated to the latest drivers of course. The problem is that I use AutoCAD, which can be picky with graphics drivers. I'd like to use an older driver, specifically build...
  3. R

    Help diagnosing a dGPU issue

    Hi folks, Hoping I can get someone's help in diagnosing a problem I'm having with my SurfaceBook i7/16GB/dGPU model. With certain apps, when I run using the dGPU, I only get a black screen. There is sound and the application cursor changes, but just a black screen. This is for some apps, not...